Tech journalist and TV personality Amber Mac came back for Dx3 2016 to interview the fast-moving startups making waves in financial technology. In this video she sat down with Brian Deck, CEO of SmoothPay, to discuss mobile payment technology.

SmoothPay sets itself apart from other mobile payment platforms by offering two distinctive programs for merchants. Deck explains, “We have the independent program so if you’re a single coffee shop or restaurant you can sign up with SmoothPay. It’s a great way to get new customers and exposure for your business. For the large retail brands, we actually have a retail branded app program so they get the benefit of their own app. We can customize it, skin it, and even put gamification into the app. They get all the same benefits with the SmoothPay app with respect to the payment loyalty and engagement platform.”

Deck touched on the growing trend and customer demand for mobile payments. “We’ve actually seen a huge difference from three years ago to today. People are more comfortable putting their credit card into the app, they’re more comfortable to pay with the app, and I think that apps like this the Starbucks program can certainly help in that regard,” Deck explains.

As far as being able to leave your home without a wallet, well, that may take some time. Deck tells Amber Mac that, “We’re seeing more trends so far as digitizing your experience so you can open hotel doors now with a watch or with a phone. So it’s headed there.”

Watch Amber Mac interviewing Brian Deck at DX3 2016 to see how SmoothPay is revolutionizing the way people pay for their purchases!