Using centuries-old Italian coffee tradition, Milano Espresso Bar brings the finest coffee concepts in every cup. This Vancouver-based enterprise prides itself on bringing west coast heart with Italian soul to their popular café.

The Adelaide Street West hotspot sources, hand roasts and combines their own blends. They often use more than 13 different beans from around the world to make up their signature roast, which they refer to as the miscela. The combination is the perfect balance of body, flavour, sweetness, acidity and aroma.

Milano uses fair trade and certified organic coffee. But taste takes precedence. Their blends use up to 70% certified organic coffee beans.

Whether it’s a pour over, drip or French press, each of their espresso drinks are prepared with great care and attention to detail. “At Milano, it’s of paramount importance to us to never imitate, but authenticate. Not to mimic but to be authentic. We want to maintain this level of excellence,” says Brian Turko, Owner & Master Roaster. We recommend trying their tasting flight that samples their unique espresso blends.

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