Want a quick lunch? Get inspired by Japanese culture – who know all about fast, urban living – and grab an onigiri from Abokichi.

Onigiri (pronounced OH-nee-ghee-ree) translates to “hand-formed.” They were first recorded in the early 11th century Japanese novel The Tale of Genji. In the 17th century, a sheet of toasted nori was used as a wrapper to add nutrition and contain the sticky rice.

Partners Jess Mantell and Fumi Tsukamoto are introducing onigiri to Canada with their Dupont storefront just North East of Dupont Station. Mantell discovered the compact meal while studying in Japan (where they can be found in every convenience store). When she returned back home to Canada, she found it difficult to find a similar healthy and convenient option.

From Chili and Kelp to Ginger and Shisho, the restaurant serves these triangular delights in a variety of flavours. They pair wonderfully with their crunchy oil condiment “Okazu” (which means “eat with rice” in Japanese). The sauce is made locally in chilli and curry flavours.

Abokichi also serves vegan soups, wraps, freshly squeezed juices, sandwiches and desserts. They are now offering mobile payments and loyalty rewards with SmoothPay. Spend $50 get $5 with our app available for free on Android and iOS.

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