By Andrew Z. Brown & Phill Hog
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Published March 17th, 2016

Just as you assign responsibility for the success of your channel sales program, so should your vendor or channel partner. You need to ensure that this person will work with your company well. SmoothPay CEO Brian Deck strongly recommends taking the time to get to know your partner’s channel sales manager, particularly when you’re choosing from a host of large and/or demanding vendors.

“Prior to joining a channel program, we meet with the vendor’s channel manager who would be assigned to us,” says Deck, whose company offers mobile payment apps and loyalty technology for coffee shops, quick service restaurants and retail. “During our meeting we determine whether the channel manager has the strategic and collaborative skills to ensure joint success.”

This practice has worked very well for SmoothPay. “Early discussions with channel managers is key,” says Deck. “We get to know each other’s corporate (and personal) goals as well as a feel for channel managers’ skills at recommending our solutions.”